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RWK-381 SF6 Load Break Switch Controller
RWK-381 line sectionalizing load break switch controller is a kind of switch which mus ...

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RWK-381 line sectionalizing load break switch controller is a kind of switch which must cooperate with superior switch. It can not cut off the fault current, it only trip when the line is low-voltage or no-current.

RWK-381 line sectionalizing load break switch controller adopts IT operation mode. When a fault happen, the controller will records the fault times. If the times come to the setting value, the controller will trip after the the line is low-voltage or no-current. The controlling box is made of stainless steel, the surface is dealt with painting, anticorrosion, can be used in outdoor environments.

It has charging circuit: It could take AC220V charging power supply from outside. Ifthere is no power supply outside, it also could achieve opening/closing operation and all controller functions with battery. Besides that, it is set with anti-over discharge circuit for protecting the battery when there is no electricity of the power supply outside for a long time.


Section function (Section)
50 Instantaneous/Definite-Time Overcurrent(P.OC)
51 Phase Time-Overcurrent(P.Fast curve/P.Delay curve)
Overload (N.Fast curve/N.Delay curve)
50N Residual Ground Instantaneous/Definite-Time Overcurrent(G.OC)
51N Residual Ground Time-Overcurrent (G.Fast curve/G.Delay curve)
50SEF Sensitive Earth Fault (SEF)
51c Cold Load(Cold load)
TRSOTF Switch-Onto-Fault(SOTF)
59 Over Voltage(L.Over volt)
27 Under Voltage (L.Under volt)


Password Protection – 2 levels.
50Hz/60Hz systems and two phase/three phase wiring method are available, so that the use scope of device is extended.
Protection configuration is complete, and all protection functions can be switched on and off flexibly.
9-way intellectual switching value input.
Large capacity flash memory can record at least 100 times of historical events, and no data will loss even the power is off.
Circuits operating loop can be used both the direct or alternating current, self-adaptation open/close brake function, which can co-work with various of breakers, and the operation is simple and reliable.
The device has complete self-inspection function to in-service monitor the working conditions of various parts of the device, ensuring the reliability of the device.

Monitoring Functions:

Primary/Secondary Phases and Earth Currents
Primary/Secondary Line and Phase Voltages
Apparent Power and Power Factor
Real and Reactive Power
Historical Demand Record
Positive Phase Sequence Voltage & Current
Negative Phase Sequence Voltage & Current
Zero Phase Sequence Voltage
Binary Input/Output status
Trip circuit healthy/failure
Time and date
Fault records
Event records

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