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24kV Vacuum circuit breaker drawable
General: VD4 medium-voltage indoor vacuum circuit breaker is applicableforthree-phase ...

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VD4 medium-voltage indoor vacuum circuit breaker is applicable for three-phase AC power system of rated voltage up to 7.2kV~24kV and frequency 50/60HZ, widely used in many fields such as power plant, transformer substation, petrol chemical industry , metallurgy , manufacturing industry , airport, residential area, etc., to control and protect the electric equipment. Especially, It is used for the occasion that needs infrequent operation at rated current or multi-breaking short circuit current, may be mounted in the indoor air insulating switchgear like type KYN28 or KYN96,  ABB type ZS series, etc. This circuit breaker is standards as GB1984-2003 AC high voltage circuit breaker, JB3855 3.6-40.5Kv indoor  AC High voltage circuit breaker, DL/T403 Specification of 12-40.5kV indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker for order as well as IEC60694. This circuit breaker is made with mature  APG technology. The application of VD4 terminal buffer guarantees the indoor terminal is ever more reliable in many operation environment. VD4 can fully meet the requirements of GB, DL, IEC, DIN, VDE as well as standards of other advanced industrial countries.

Service Environment:
a) Air temperature: Maximum temperature: +40℃; Minimum temperature:-25℃
b) Humidity: Monthly average humidity 95%; Daily average humidity 90%.
c) Altitude above sea level: Maximum installation altitude: 2500m
d) Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas, vapor etc.
e) No frequent violent shake

Note: For short circuit breaking current & rated currentis optionalby clients.

Rated voltage
Rated f requency
Rated current
630, … 4000A
1min Power f requency withstand voltage
Lightning impulse withstand voltage
Rated short circuit breaking current (peak)
Rated short breaking current
20, …40
Rated short circuit making current (peak)
Rated cable(line) charging breaking current
50 and 10
Rated single capacitor bank switching current
Rated withstand current (peak)
Short time withstand current (4s)
20, …40
Mechanism life

The structure of circuit breaker is with integral layout

Spring operating mechanism and the circuit breaker body part are with integrated design. Primary main circuit and mechanism adopt forth, back layout form, main circuit parts lay behind the circuit breaker, spring operating mechanism lays in front of the circuit breaker,handcart advancing mechanism is located below the circuit breaker, It has the advantage of compact structure, rational layout, machinesize small.


Good interchangeability and adaptability of the handcart
Handcart type dimensions of VB- 24 series ofindoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is completely consistent with VD4- 24 handcart type vacuum circuit breaker ABB produces, can realize complete interchangeability between military vehicle, thus it is of strong adaptability,wide application range. Adapt cabinet type forVB- 24 series of handcart type vacuum circuit breaker is the KYN port of - 24 – mid- set type high voltage switchgear.


The main circuit adopts the structure of sleeve type or solid sealed type structure
·The main circuit of VB- 24 series of indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker divided into the structure of sleeve type or solid sealed type, which can be conveniently selected by user according to different places.
·Sleeve type structure: the primary main circuit vacuum interrupter of circuit breaker is arranged in a sealed insulating cylinder. The insulating cylinder uses epoxy resin material which is mechanical performance reliable, and molding by the use of advanced APG technology. The insulating tube not only plays a supporting role to install, but also have the function of phrase to phrase insulation and phrase to earth insulation. The design of the insulating tube considering the requirements of national standards and the use of harsh working conditions, not only can prevent vacuum interrupter being influenced by the external environment, dust and foreign matter from entering the main loop section, but also can ensure even in hot and humid and serious pollution condition, showing high resistance to voltage effect.
·Solid sealed type structure: primary conductive circuit of circuit breaker uses solid sealed pole of solid insulation technology, the solid sealed pole make primary conductive loop and other parts of the vacuum interrupter directly and fixedly sealed in special epoxy resin material, to form a main circuit module.


Reliable integrated spring operating mechanism

·Spring operating mechanism of VB-24 series outdoor high- voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the plain layout one with manual energy storage and electric energy storage function, machine size is small, the whole circuit breaker has good stiffness, operating performance is consistent from beginning to end.
·Main transmission structure of the operating mechanism of VB-24 series of indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the extension of mature 12kV VBM series actuator. Main transmission reliability has experience of tens of thousands of production, operation. The complete circuit breaker is of action stability, high reliability.


Mid- set handcart structure

·VB- 24 series of indoor high vacuum voltage circuit breaker using middle handcart type structure design, to make the machine have the advantages of small volume, compact structure, good rigidity, flexible movement, with high precision. The kind of structure design improved the reliability of movable electrical connection between the breaker handcart and switchgear and the thermal dynamic stability of the whole switchgear.
·The handcart of VB-24 series of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the extension of handcart chassis technology of 12kV VBM series actuator; adopt screw propulsion mechanism, accurate movement, with reliable mechanical interlock system.


Flexible installation way

VB- 24 series indoor high- voltage vacuum circuit breaker is with fixed type and handcart type, two kinds of installation way, can be very convenient to realize reliable mechanical interlocking " five prevention" . It can be directly mounted on the various fixed type switch cabinet, also be equipped with removable switchboard in all types of hand car.

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