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China Prefabricated Compact Substation Manufacturer

Prefabricated compact substation, also known as prefabricated substation. It is a prefabricated indoor and outdoor compact power distribution equipment that integrates high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low-voltage power distribution device according to certain wiring scheme. The transformer step-down, low-voltage distribution and other functions are organically combined together, installed in a fully enclosed and mobile steel structure box which is moisture-proof, rustproof, dustproof, rodent proof, fire prevention, anti-theft, and heat insulation. Box type substation is suitable for mines, factories, oil and gas fields and wind power stations. It replaces the original civil construction distribution rooms and power stations and becomes a new complete set of transformer and distribution devices.


Environmental conditions:

1. Altitude: ≤1000m

2. Ambient temperature: -25℃ ~ +40℃.

3. Wind speed: ≤35m/s.

4. Air relative humidity:≤90% (+25℃).

5. Earthquake horizontal acceleration: ≤0.4m/s, vertical acceleration: ≤0.2m/s.

6. Place of use: there should be no conductive dust and harmful to metal, insulating materials of decay, flammable, explosive dangerous goods.

7. Installation site without violent vibration, vertical slope is not more than 3 degrees.



1. Box structure

The European compact substation is composed of three parts: base, shell and top cover.The base is generally made of channel steel, Angle steel, flat steel, steel plate, etc., which is welded or fixed by bolt connection.In order to meet the needs of ventilation, heat dissipation and inlet and outlet lines, strip holes and round holes of appropriate size should be cut out in the corresponding positions.Box shell, top channel steel, Angle steel, steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, color steel plate, cement plate, etc. shall be bent, welded or connected to form with screws, hinges or related special accessories.

In order to prevent the strong solar radiation in hot summer, the shell of the European substation is generally equipped with heat insulation material with low thermal conductivity as packing on the top.Commonly used fillers are: rock wool board, polystyrene foam, etc.

The transformer will produce a lot of heat when running, so in addition to retaining the method of punching the louver hole on the shell, at the same time, the method of increasing the heat dissipation area and strengthening the air convection is adopted to heat dissipation, and at the same time, the manufacturing cost can be reduced. There are also many types of surface treatments like spray painting, baking paint, spray plastic and so on.

2. High voltage distribution device structure

According to the incoming line way, it can be divided into: terminal type and ring type. According to the incoming position, it can be divided into: incoming from the top of the box and incoming from the underground high voltage cable trenches.

Equipment usually adopts SF6 series load break switch, its cost is higher than FN-10 series high voltage load break switch.This type of switch structure generally has a fuse and live display;The operating mechanism is either manual or electric.With the fuse, when the circuit has short circuit fault, it can cut off the switch, protect the circuit and related equipments.

In addition, there are vacuum switches, which can be used alone or with fuses, or with SF6 load switches in series, but this will increase the cost and is usually not necessary.

High voltage metering: in the high voltage distribution device, if the user has high voltage metering requirements, the high voltage metering cabinet shall be set up.

The structure of high voltage metering cabinet is generally composed of CT, PT, metering meter, remote control and telemetry device, etc.

3. Transformer Compart

European compact substation is equipped with independent transformer room, transformer room is mainly composed of: transformer, automatic temperature control system, lighting and safety guardrail, etc.

When the transformer is running, a large amount of heat will be generated in the box transformer to the transformer room, so the heat dissipation and ventilation of the transformer room are the key issues to be considered in the design of European compact transformer.When the transformer is running, a large amount of heat is constantly generated, so that the temperature of the transformer room keeps rising, especially when the ambient temperature is high, the temperature rises faster, so natural ventilation and heat dissipation alone can not guarantee the reliable and safe operation of the transformer.

In the design of European compact transformer, except natural ventilation, temperature measurement protection is generally designed, and forced exhaust is used to solve the problem.The system mainly consists of measuring device for measuring transformer room temperature and oil temperature. Then through manual and automatic control circuit, according to the set range of transformer safe operation temperature, decide whether the exhaust fan needs input.

In the European compact transformer, the transformer can choose the oil immersed transformer or dry type transformer. The dry type transformer has higher price, so in the case of the user does not have special requirements, the oil immersed transformer should be preferred to reduce the manufacturing cost.Transformer capacity is generally 100-1250KVA, the maximum should not exceed 1600KVA.

4. Low voltage distribution device structure

The low voltage chamber should be different in design structure according to the different occasions of use in industrial and mining enterprises or residential areas. Generally, for using by industrial and mining enterprises, it should be designed separately for power supply and lighting power supply. In the use of low-voltage metering, under normal circumstances, the power supply bureau requires that lighting electricity be measured separately, which is mainly because the unit price of lighting electricity is generally higher than that of power electricity.In the structural design of the substation used in the residential area, the problem of power consumption is not required to be considered.

The number of output channels is different in structural design according to the size of the transformer capacity and the different needs of users.The transformer capacity is small, the user needs less outputs can be set less, and the transformer capacity is large, the user requires more outputs can also be set more.



1. Safe & Reliable

Shell generally adopts aluminium zinc steel plate, frame with a standard container material and production process which has good anti-corrosion performance for 20 years guaranteed. The inner sealing plate is made of aluminum alloy buckle plate, and the sandwich is made of fireproof and thermal insulation material. The air conditioning and dehumidification device are installed in the box. The operation of the equipment is not affected by the natural climate environment and external pollution, and the normal operation can be guaranteed under the harsh environment of -40℃ ~ +40℃. The primary equipment in the box is fully enclosed, the product has no exposed live part, which can completely achieve zero electric shock accident, the whole station can realize oil-free operation, high security, the secondary use of microcomputer integrated automation system, which can realize unattended.

2. High degree of automation

Total station intelligent design, protection system adopts microcomputer integrated substation automation equipment, installation, which can realize telemetry, remote communication, remote control, remote regulating. Each unit has independent operation function. The relay protection function is complete, which can set the operating parameters in the distance, control the humidity and temperature in the box body and alarm the smoke in the distance, so as to meet the requirements of no one on duty.It can also realize remote image monitoring according to the need.

3. Factory prefabrication

When designing, as long as the designer according to the actual requirements of the substation, provide a main wiring diagram and the design of equipment outside the box, manufacturers can carry out a installation and debugging of all equipment, truly realize the substation construction factory, shorten the design and manufacturing cycle. On-site installation only needs box positioning, cable connection between boxes, outgoing cable connection, protection calibration, transmission test and other commissioning work. The entire substation from installation to commissioning only needs about 5 ~ 8 days, greatly shortening the construction period.

4. Flexible combination mode

Box type substation structure is compact, each box constitutes an independent system, which makes the combination of flexible, on the one hand, we can all use the box, so that 35kV and 10kV equipment all installed in the box, the composition of the whole box type substation; 35kV equipment can also be installed outdoors, and 10kV equipment and control and protection system can be installed inside the box. This combination mode is especially suitable for the transformation of old rural power grid stations. In short, there is no fixed combination mode of compact substation, and the user can combine some modes freely according to the actual situation to meet the needs of safe operation.

5. Cost savings

The box-type substation reduces the investment by 40% ~ 50% compared with the conventional substation of the same scale. The civil engineering (including land acquisition costs) of the box-type substation is more than 1 million yuan less than that of the conventional substation based on the calculation of the 4000kVA scale of the 35kV single main substation.From the perspective of operation, box-type substation can carry out in-condition maintenance, reduce the maintenance workload, and save about 100,000 yuan of operation and maintenance cost every year, and the overall economic benefit is very considerable.

6. Small occupied area

Taking the 4000kVA single main substation as an example, the construction of a conventional 35kV substation will occupy an area of about 3000㎡ and require large-scale civil engineering.The selection of box-type substation, the total area of the maximum 300㎡, only for the same scale of the substation covers an area of 1/10, can be installed in the center of the street, square and factory corner, in line with the national land saving policy.

7. Beautiful shape

Box shape design is beautiful, on the premise of ensuring the reliability of power supply, through the selection of box substation shell color, so easy to coordinate with the surrounding environment, especially suitable for urban construction, it can be used as a fixed substation, can also be used as a mobile substation, with the role of ornament and beautification of the environment.

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