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Mobile Transformer Substation 
Prefabricated Electric Mobile Centers (PEMC) are tailor made, factory assembled and tested electric centers designed and manufactured to satisfy every specific customer needs. The design is a modular one, which provides a high level of flexibility in order to cover a wide range of applications. That includes outdoor switching stations (up to 132kV), single transformer stations (up to 132kV, 20 MVA), multi-transformer stations or generating electric centers. In addition, a special arrangement for pressurized PEMCs can be provided for special applications in hazardous areas. The primary voltage can vary up to 132kV. However, the secondary voltage (for transformer station PEMCs) can be a medium voltage or a low voltage as per the customer requirements. Prefabricated electric center is built on a hot-dipped galvanized base frame in such a way that the whole center can be liftted and carried as a single unit. Since these centers are tailor made, their contents vary depending on the specific needs of a customer. For example, a PEMC might contain some or all of the following: generator, transformer, metalclad switchgears, outdoor load bread switches or breakers, batteries and battery chargers, auxiliary transformers, AC/DC distribution panels, fire detection systems, air-conditioning systems, and many other equipments.


Service environment
a) Air temperature: Maximum temperature: +40 ℃ ; Minimum temperature:-35 ℃
b) Humidity: Monthly average humidity 95%; Daily average humidity 90% .
c) Altitude above sea level: Maximum installation altitude: 2500m
d) Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas, vapor etc.

e) No frequent violent shake


Transporting Substation

Including GCB, Disconnector, Power transformer, Lightning arrester, Distribution
panels, etc.


Field for application
1) In case of emergency alternative conventional substation;
2) in high-load capacity of the season to ease supply shortage;
3) as a temporary substation in operation;


Main functions & characters
1) Ordinary substations all the functions: including control, protection,lightning protection and blood pressure and other functions;
2) can be assigned to several slip power users to install easily, quickly put into operation;
3) As long as the cable can be connected with the shock absorption pad in operation;
4) the provisional supporting bar, the soft connect circuit components, such as earthquake measures.

Divided into high-voltage part of the main transformer, low voltage switch room.High Voltage Switchgear using ZF10-145 (L) as the main switch, open the installation in a semi-trailer; interior has low-voltage switch: low-voltage side switchgear, control power supply, DC-screen and control of protective equipment.

High voltage compartments


High voltage compartments


High voltage switchgear


High voltage power transformer

Compact structure, light weight, small space using a flat oil or total enclosure tank;

high-pressure casing arranged in the bottom of the tank to reduce the overall height; use of strong oil-circulated air-cooled heat sink approach to the extent possible, the overall volume
compression; internal the body, such as positioning and clamping a corresponding increase in lead in order to adapt to the needs of frequent transport.

Low voltage compartment


LV compartment outline diagram

Three-tier structure of shell insulation; equipped with air conditioning, can be open on-demand;
substation up shell protection grade IP43; interior low-voltage DC power switches using the
battery type Sealed Product


Low voltage Panel


Medium voltage Panel

Three-tier structure of shell insulation; equipped with air conditioning, can be open on-demand;
substation up shell protection grade IP43; interior low-voltage DC power switches using the
battery type Sealed Product


Single line diagram

During transport to avoid rattling in order to prevent internal damage to equipment; on flat smooth when on the road speed is not more than 30 km / h; in uneven detour on the road or running speed is not more than 10 km / h

1. Belowing terms should be marked while ordering:
Model number, product name and quantity.
Provide the rated voltage specification if motorization operating is required.
For rated voltage and current and breaking current is optional. Pls give data..
Other special requirements.
2. Documents with product from manufacturer:
Certificate of qualification.
Wiring diagrams, Installation drawings.
Packing list.
Other technical documents.

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