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RW1725IED RTU Gateway
RW1725IED is an automation system used to communicate from different equipment to mast ...

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RW1725IED is an automation system used to communicate from different equipment to master control center. It is a micro processor based device. Unified design is intended to reduce the wiring and maintenance costs. The RW1725IED retrieves data from legacy and third party devices such as relays, transfers it to a host or enterprise system, monitors and expands to meet future physical and functional station requirements.

RW1725IED follows the IEC international standard, adopting advanced power monitoring technology. The system has good real-time performance, reliability, interoperability and openness, suitable for the comprehesive and real-time monitoring and control for the company which works on the primary and secondary equipment electrical installation regarding to the power plants, substations, and distribution networks.

RW1725IED module has a variety of functional plug-ins, adaptation to a variety of AC and DC power supply, and can achieve the acquisition of a variety of signals. In addition to the four-remote function with telemetry, digital input, digital output, and remote adjustment, the module also has circuit breaker synchronization check, deadline check, remote control block, and Ethernet communication function. It supports the programmable logic control (PLC) function, and can realize the operation latch of a single electrical unit and the operation interlock scheme between different electrical units.

The module has the advanced distribution automation processing function, and can cover the feeder, the switch station, the open and close device, the cable dividing room and the distribution room, the low voltage substation and other distribution automation domain, realizing the distribution automation monitoring, automatic fault identification and processing (DA).

RW1725IED uses high-performance embedded 32-bit processor, CPLD and real-time multitasking operating system with flexible configuration. It has rich communication library, supporting many international standard protocols, including 101/104/103/DNP3.0/Modbus/IEC61850, and can connect and communicate with various intelligent devices. All communication interfaces conform to IEEE and IEC standards.



– Transmission substation automation as RTU
– Distribution substation automation as RTU
– SAS and SCS, as BCU and Gateway
– Feeder automation system as FRTU.
The DF1725IED allows one substation hardware device to be configured for many different functions by adding software modules. These new modules can be easily downloaded into the flash memory available in DF1725IED.

Technical Features

-Using industrial chip, electrical isolation and electromagnetic shielding design conforming to international standard. The hardware system of the device has extremely high anti-jamming ability and reliability.

-With a high performance embedded 32-bit processor, the system has powerful processing capability.

-The complex programmable logic device (CPLD) technology is used to simplify the design of circuit board and improve the product stability.

-The 16 bit high-speed A / D converter and synchronous sampling technology are used to compensate the variation ang phase difference of the transformer with high precision measurement.

-RW1725IED configuration has dual ethernet communication interface, and networking is very flexible.

-Flexible module configuration: a variety of I/O and analog acquisition plug-ins, according to the number of system interfaces the configuration can be arbitrarily combined.

-RW1725IED can communicate with each other, supporting the PLC function with IEC61131-3 standard, realizing the operation latch according to the electrical unit and the operation interlock scheme between different electrical units.

-Comprehensive self-test and error alarm function, ensuring that the background monitoring system can get real-time status of the module. The module has self-recovery function.

-Advanced manufacturing technology: adopting surface mount technology, multi-layer plate design, high anti-interference ability.

-High precison internal clock

-Key data storage function during power-off.

-Supporting dual-processor, dual-power configuration.

-Exquisite structure design, beautiful assembly screen

-IEC61000-4 IV-level anti-jamming ability, can be used in harsh conditions.

-Supporting IEC61131-3 programmable logic control

-Operating ambient temperature: -40℃ ~ 70℃

-A variety of LED indicators to facilitate maintenance personnel to overhaul and debug.


Function Cards Contained

1.MCUs – Main Control Unit Series
2.DI-16/32 Cards – Digital Input Cards
3.CO-8/16 Cards – Control Output Cards
4.DCAI-8 Card – DC Analog Input Cards
5.PSBs – Power Supply Boards
6.AO-2 Card
7.ACAI Cards
8.Com-6 Cards
9.Sub racks – 19”, 2/3 19”, 1/2 19”, LCD 19”,Dual/Single MCUs and Dual/Single PSBs

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