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RWZ-1000 DMS SCADA Distribution Automation System
RWZ-1000 DMS/SCADA (Solution for Power distribution automation) RWZ-1000 SCADA/DMS s ...

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(Solution for Power distribution automation)

RWZ-1000 SCADA/DMS system is a part solution of smart grid, It is mainly collects real-time data (such as current and voltage, switch position signal, SOE information of switch protection behavior, etc.) of switches distributed at each responsibility Demarcation point in the distribution network to realize real-time monitoring of power grid operation.

Therefore, the on-duty personnel and dispatchers can timely grasp the operation status of the system and the initiative of accident handling through the management platform. In addition, the supporting mobile client software (only available in the public network) realizes the function of mobile terminal, which can check or manage the power grid anytime and anywhere, improving the level of automatic management and power supply quality.


RWZ-1000 SCADA/DMS system has the following function characteristics:

‹Security and Reliability.
‹Extensibility and Flexibility.
‹Standardization and Interoperability Standardization and Interoperability.
‹Hierarchical Component-based Distributed System Design.
‹Application of Visualization Technique for Power Grid Security.


What is different between EMS and DMS

(Engergy Management System VS Distribution Management System)


It extends the traditional data acquisition systems to that of power software applications but especially in: load forecast, state estimation, dispatcher power flow, contingency analysis, voltage reactive power optimization, optimum flow, etc.


It also extends the traditional data acquisition systems to that of power software applications but especially in : DA simulation, intelligent fault processing, distribution network application and analysis and distribution network dispatching operation management, etc.


What is benefits of using a DMS

Our SCADA/DMS solution can reduce electricity costs by around 10% per year!

Widely using for More than 12 countries and reliable for 15 years till now!


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