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RW8000 OMS/MWFM System
Overview: The outage management system will help dispatcher to quickly deal with plan ...

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The outage management system will help dispatcher to quickly deal with planned or unplanned outage, recover power supply fast, reduce outage loss, increase power supply reliability and customer satisfaction.

The Mobile Work Force Management System can be used to optimize and manage the full range of work processes from high volume, short duration tasks such as meter services, outage restoration to complex multi stage and multi dependency work found in construction. 
The outage management function is aimed at optimising resource usage, improved customer service and provision of key performance indicators to comply with the regulatory requirements and industry best practise. OMS will integrate with IVR to get the customer fault information; integrate with PEMS to get the maintenance order; integrate with CMS to get the customer information and customer service request order; integrate with DCS to get the plan and design order. OMS will share the status of the order with IVR, PEMS, CMS and DCS. 
And the MWFM solution will support but not limited to the following work types: Customer Services work, Maintenance Inspection, Maintenance and repair, Design and construction. 



Trouble Call Taker

The user of Trouble Call Taker is the manual service of call center. Manual service can accept customer complaint, match and identify customer quickly based on the information provided by customer. The system will analysis customer complaint by topology and known outage information based on customer information and complaint information, then system will combine or generate outage event for the complaint. At the same time, Trouble Cal Taker should provide complaint monitoring function, through the function; manual service can monitor the customer complaint real time and response to customer inquiry.


Outage Analysis
Outage Analysis module is “outage prediction engine”, based on the real-time network topology and customer information, it will analysis the DMS captured fault, AMI reported outage and recovery event, PERM planned outage, OMS or IVR customer complaint, then confirm the relation between multi outage, combine and associate these outage. At the same time, Outage Analysis will analysis the outage affected (Distribution Transformer) information, load loss information, affected customer information and affected area information. 


Statistics & Monitoring
Statistics & Monitoring module will provide statistics and monitoring function. Statistic function will stats the internationally recognized reliability indices (like MAIFI, SAIFI, SAIDI, CAIDI, ASAI, CEMI, and ENS), dispatching efficiency, filed crew working efficiency, etc. Monitoring function will visually show the undergoing outage and current status, outage distribution chart, maintenance work order and status information, maintenance work order distribution chart, field crew status and distribution chart, current reliability indices by responsibility area. 


Resource Management
Resource Management module will maintain and manage the Technicians, Crew, Vehicles, Mobile Facilities, Tools, Materials which are required for field work. 


Outage Dispatching
Dispatcher will use Outage Dispatching module to confirm, assign, monitor and archive all the outage events. The module will provide geographic view to show the distribution chart of the outage, and will support the dispatcher to deal the outage based on the geographic view. 


Maintenance Order Dispatching
Dispatcher will use Maintenance Order Dispatching module to confirm, assign, monitor and archive all the maintenance work order. It also provides geographic view to show the distribution chart of the work orders, and will support the dispatcher to deal with the work order based on the geographic view. 


Mobile Order Processing
Field crew will use the Mobile Order Processing module to deal with outage and maintenance work order. The field crew can receive, deal, return and split the work orders. The module will be installed on the tablet individually, and some function support working at offline mode in case the signal is not well at site.


RW8000 OMS/MWFM System from rockwill electric

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